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What the heck is TurboProf?

TurboProf is a high-quality JVM profiler, capable to offer a broad vision of the application performance in real time. It is based on Sun´s specification Java VM Tool Interface, the new JVM communication interface released, which is based on JSR 163.

By using TurboProf you can watch your application´s impact on the JVM while it is running! Is like a Tomography!

It is composed by an agent and a dashboard application (client). You load the JVM with TurboProf and just run your application (if it is a Java EE, then you launch the server with TurboProf). Then you can get the consolidated results using the dashboard application.


You can boost your Java application´s performance by fine tunning it. You can find and fix bottlenecks that otherwise would be difficult to see. Is like giving a blue pill to your code!

Project status

The project is in the initial architectural definitions. We are creating the baseline code and the pre-alpha versions, which will be used to mitigate project´s risks.

The expected deadline to have the first alpha version is December, 2008.